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bryan plymale

our perception changes our reality. when we view this world through grateful eyes he opens her heart and invites us in, gratefully.


I am returning home to my beloved. I am grateful beyond words for the chance to heal and grow - the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. :: Giving and receiving Loveflow ::

Barbara Hinz

As the water droplet is poised right above the water so is my intent as this (k)new wave of Gratitude starts.
I feel the momentun and am ready to ride this wonderful, fun and Lightfilled Journey.
Thank you Ken and Stacey and each and every Lightworker here now and joining with us in the next moment of NOW.


Thank you for coming back. I have bought your book from the first experience. I am so grateful you have returned. Thank you


Go Gratitude! Giving out Grace!
Grace anointing and blessing all and moving us to higher and better places!


Julie Newendorp

I am grateful to be sharing this journey. Thank you for being our guides to focus with others on gratitude.

Valarie Carlene

I am truly feeling incredibly immersed into this deep wave that is constant and connecting us all together to co-create as community! it is very exciting! My clear intention is to "set" in motion, to "launch" my gift for guiding parents throught the maze of life with their children. To allow the conception of "Navigating Parenthood" to share its bleesings for the highest good in my life and in each and every life it touches, and each life who needs the support, understanding and care as they travel through this all encompassing journey of being and growing through parenthood with both their children and in community!!!!! I hold my gratitude and love to the universal source and abundance that honors and trusts each of us to serve through our creative powers and the creative inspirations and gifts that flow through us!!!!!!!!!!!!
Deep hugs and big LOVE!


I am so grateful that I found go gratitude when it first began. I have enjoyed it so much. Thank you for being.

I would like to exchange links with you. Please let me know if it is alright.

Love and Blessings,


I love the way the universe brings my energy to the things I need to find and see...thanks for swimming by today :) see you on the wave, be the wave

Wahid Ellayli

I am so happy that my name appears on your beautiful page...


Check out "Ripple" by Jerry Garcia of, who else, The Grateful Dead...great song!


I love the energy here, just everything about GRATITUDE! I am so happy to be part of this last wave...

The image above:
Earthquake Rose",
image shared by Rachel F.
has intrigued me! Please, dear Rachel, share more of it. Was it created during/by an earthquake? I really 'feel' it!

Air Alkali

Weneed to refill our energy everyday so we work with full spirit. The water looks so pure and make me feel calm.

I get my energy from here.

How to Relieve Stress

I am so glad I found your blog. I will definitely go sign up at the forum.

Without any guidance I have been expressing gratitude every day as I start my day, so I am hoping to learn much more from all of you in the forum.

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