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Giving and receiving, giving and receiving....what a beautiful way to start and end the day!

Here's to DAY 1 of THE WAVE!


Zoe Ann Nishimuta

Thank you so much. I look
forward to this practice every night and morning for the next 42 days to connect with all of you and be the wave of gratitude
as it sweeps the world.
Love, Zoe Ann

bryan plymale

i am that
i am
i am that
i am
om tat sat
ham sa
so ham

here between 2 worlds
east and west
falling awake

grateful in
gratitude out
thankful throughout


What a Perfectly simple yet Powerful way to Unite!
Reading this first thing in the morning filled my day with a deep smile and gratitude :) Thank You!
And yay! I'm looking forward to these 42 days, and am infinitely grateful for each Moment, each new change and opportunity to sink deeper into Love and Gratitude!

Thank You!
In Love,

Heather Kehr

The magic moments of shift from conscious to unconscious and back hold great potential for peace, beauty, love and resonate with gratitude.
Thaks to all writers and this site for the wonderful feeling of connection. And so it begins.... Heather


Yes,Greetings family of Graditude.Well im for sure up to the 42day and beyond Graditude Wave.Well i awoke today to find clear blue skies,ah,bless it be especially for my line of making money.You see im a busker(i play the African Drum,djembe)and im on my way downtown Winnipeg MB to play in the streets(i stoped into a public access comp.room as i dont have my own compture)i wanted to write in the blog now and for the duration of the 42day Wave of Graditude.So yeah,wow so much to describe and be grateful for.Its so wonderful when im playing music to look people in the eyes,especially little ones they are so interested in the vibes of the music as i noticed moms and dads usually have to rush them off(if it was up to the kids they would chill out dance,play music and be totally fascinated)So i noticed the rush of everyday life,people busy got no time to listen to music.So im gratiful that i can sit in meditation while playing my drum,listen to my rythem and my heartbeating,its like im transported to Africa,where i can get into a trance next thing i know im dancing around a roaring fire with other hot sweaty bodies dancing letting the music take us away,also i get images of hurt and suffering people old and young and i say alittle prayer for the protection and well-being of these indiviuals.Im so grateful for this day,of music,friends,all around good feeling of being alive.I will also use that meditation technique i read at the beginging of the 42wave about seeing and feeling my cells wake up from the dream state to wakefulness.So thank-you to all of you out there doing this heartwork,to focus on a better world,to really bring in the Love and transcend beyond the fear and illuisions that keep us tied down,to re-member who we really are to act from the heart to be in constent graditude and imbrace all of this.When im drumming i close my eyes sometimes and i can feel all this energy around me,people passing me by different noise's,dogs barking,people taking,cars honking,i feel it all and as my eyes are closed i embrace the energy feel it i dont judge it or try and run away from it.I just feel it i dont try and explain it away,im grateful to feel it to be part of it..So im ready,ready to free fall,like a river i too shall enter back into the sea.See y'all there.Bless it be...coming home,woah,yeah,,,,JH


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Words are woven within the fabric of the wave and I embrace each of us heart to heart. Giving and receiving, receiving and giving.
Instruments of endless gratitude and abundance :-)


This beautiful wave begins...........
I read the first words and felt tears come.
Feeling gratitude to be riding this wave with all of you and feeling the connection.

Ian Porteous

What does it feel like to be grateful?

Soft heart, flowing joy, let me become the vibration of gratitude. I don't know if I've ever let myself go there, I feel vulnerable. People out there, my name is Ian Porteous, help me learn to let go and feel grateful.
I choose the best for all of us.
Thankyou. I expect a shift of awereness by morning.

Deb D

Thank you Zoe Ann. That was beautiful.

Elise Bulie

I have been on the gratitue wave for some months now and have been placing my hand on my heart before I go to bed and as I wake up. The evenings and mornings I forget to do so I don't feel as rested or calm. This simple act brings my mind, body and soul together giving the day such positive energy for me. Thank you for giving me this simple task to help me learn and love from each day.


Thank you for a place where we can magnify the gratitude and raise the vibration of our Universe with love.

Love and gratitude,


Hi there! I've posted the opening event on our Networks (also http://csheals.ning.com) and I'm off to blog about it now! Muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, and expressions of gratitude every other language I can think of ;-) HAPPY WORLD GRATITUDE GATHERING DAY!!!


I am grateful to be whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy with you all together in this quest


Thank you for providing this forum for connection of like souls. Blessings to all.

Brother Light En

I'm in Costa Rica and I can totally feel the energy of gratitude. I will be apart of this movement of love Blessings to all souls. Especially those who choose to join this family.


Brother Light En

I'm in Costa Rica and I can totally feel the energy of gratitude. I will be apart of this movement of love Blessings to all souls. Especially those who choose to join this family.



Thank you for creating a space where we can practice WE consciousness rather than the ME consciousness that has become such a drag. I am grateful to be among you and look forward to these 42 days and the miracles they will bring.



I traveled to a very remote property today listening along the way to a message of gratitude on my car CD player. I finally found the property I was looking for and on the historical marker was a G sign very much like the gratitude sign we see on this site. I felt an instant connection to the ONE, all that is, at that moment. Thank You, Thank You!

Leah Barber

so delicious the reminder of Source energy is, we ought to drink it in whenever we recognize it...or rather...let it out, expose our own Deeeeep connection to Perfect Wholeness...remind others
:))) crazy good love


Leah, it is sooo amazing when we are awake enough to realize the miracles that are all a round {gratitude symbol) us...
you are! congratulations....
susan :]


how amazing to be a part of this healing work together with you all...
let us look at today and see it all through God's eyes...


we can heal the universe so very quickly when we remind ourselves to do this!

in connection
susan :]

Tracy McGowan

Many Many thanks to the Life force which led me here.....

And the folks who had the vision for the creation of a space where the draw is exponential, intentional and collective....

A seemingly random choice??????;)

I think not-

Rather a response to the calling of the wave which pours forth and then energetically draws those who are open to the pull-

offering no resistance-

outside the contrived field of time and space I allowed myself to be in the present moment and respond to the flow-

Much love and many blessings to us and all as we ride the crest-



Chef Jem

Gratitude calls to me!
I am grateful to hear the call!
I am grateful I have a friend who invited me here!
I will reply in kind to the great call to gratitude!

I remember choosing gratitude when another expressed upset and how powerful that was for me and how well that was received by the other!

I know I have all things working together for my greater good. I also have feelings that don't appear to feel grateful and I will extend love there just as I have extended to others.

I am grateful I have love that I can extend!


I'm grateful for all the gratitude and blessings that come from this site. To bring together like minded souls and to remind us of all the special awakenings around us.

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