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I'm grateful for all the gratitude and blessings that come from this site. To bring together like minded souls and to remind us of all the special awakenings around us.


Thank you all of you that are participating in this Gratitude journey-My heart is fill with happiness and gratitude. I want to acknowledge my friend Beata for sending the e-mail.

With Infinite Love&Gratitude



very grateful

my beautiful husband
my beautiful friends
my beautiful son

for this experience

there are difficult times for some i find myself constantly reminding myself how grateful i am ... often for small things -- having shelter and food ... that is about all i have right now and i am very grateful

i miss my son
i miss my husband

i will return

i am grateful for so much

many blessings

i know everything is good
i deserve abundance, comforts, a nice home, work that i enjoy

thank you so much for this journey

we all deserve the best

i choose love


Wow...I am so grateful that I logged on tonight! I am so in need of the infusion of gratitute for the next 42 days. I love that... I am that I am I am that I am ...mantra and will remember that thought as I transition tonight.


I got god bumps and found myself already shifting into the deep breathing and feelings of gratitude as I read this First Day's message. reading the Blog msg's above added to that feeling. I best be getting up at little earlier than 4:45 to enjoy this community gathering. Thank you to all for starting this on a lovely note!


To paraphrase some wise one, "Thank you" is the only prayer we need.

Joyce Maddeaux

Tingles start at my toes, up to my head, even my noes. Tingles in my heart so much my heart explodes. Love overflows from me to all of those, with an open heart as they take it in, Gratitude to all of my kin. And then with a deep breath in, I hold the love you sent me and feel what it means to truly win. So simple, yet so powerful, it uplifts my entire mood. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Go Go Gratitude!

Nicki La Rosa

LOVELY! THANK YOU SO Much for all the inspiration! GO GRATITUDE!!


To be part of this
World Gratitude Gathering is a
precious gift. Blessings and joy to one and all in the
next 42 days of 'positive and
peaceful' sharing.

Carlo Ami

I love what you have created and are sharing. The key to it is consistency in discipline which for many is the only way to hush up the idiot mind! Just posted an article that touches on gratitude from the other side of the coin:http://www.yourpausebutton.com/Articles-by-Carlo-Ami/Need-THe-Self-Torturing-Four-Letter-Word.html


'Wake to Dream' !!!!

~~~~~~GO GRATITUDE~~~~~

Mahalo for this wave beginning this Pisces NewMoon! I will be sharing the gratitude readings daily on ReCreatin' with Radine! http://blogtalkradio.com/radine M-F 11aPT . To join by phone 646 716 8876.


John Fitzgerald Vargas

Thank YOU, beloved All, in One, in-Joy... ∞

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The logo is simply symbolical. How nice to see it.

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