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Irmgard Caristo

Your messages are inspiring and illuminating! It lifts my heart and renews my energies and I'm ever so grateful for all that is! Love-Light-Life. One has Love - receives the Light- and thus has Life.
Blessings, Irme

Jill Karlin

Thank you so much for the truths... The Urantia Book describes much of our very ordered universes. Our planet #606 in our local universe is one of 600 inhabited planets in the local universe, when eventually 1000 will have "human" life....The last part of The Urantia Book (BTW Urantia is our earth), the last 600 or so pages of this 5th Epocal Revealation (about 2200pages) is devoted to The Life and Teachings of Jesus.... He is sovereign. I hope you have the opportunity to check it out...

Maryse Felicite

'They were used to induce trance to help us find our way home.'

This is so true as deeper spiritual connection can be made when we let go of our human mind and start to listen to the guidance of the inner voices.



The images behind my eyes have been a joy to me my whole life. A few months ago I had accupunture for the first time, for 40 minutes I lay still watching the shapes and colours flow on my eyelids, as the needles opened the Chi, I felt the meridians open and as this happened changes to all the colours, speed and direction of energy took place. The flow became a figure 8, as my thoughts gathered and flowed out of me in a flash of purple light. I see this as my energy and thoughts leaving me and going out into the Universe and affecting things. I love the thought of them leading us home. Thank you for that.
With Gratitude I am thankful that you flowed by.

Dianne Carnigllia

Belly Dance is all about recreating these forms - circles, spirals, dots, figure 8's - with our very own bodies. After 35 years of turning women on to this art/workout form, now I understand why it is so blissful! (Read "Grandmother's Secrets" by Rosina Al-Rawi)


I lost my emotional connection the gratitude site, and though I have the gratitude sign on my business cards, I even forgot to see the sign myself.

This session of Gratitude is so freeing and I am gratful to be re-introduced to this most wonderful of ideas by one of the members on my network!

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