Eveline Maria

How beautiful and perfect Day 15~~~June 28th is: Today is my birthday. Thank You for Being You!!!

"Imagine yourself as a newborn, an infant, a child, teen, young adult ~ and so on ~ until you connect all with Now. At each stage, give thanks for your unique-ness, talents, and timely experiences.

Allow all aspects of you to come together, as One in Love and Gratitude."

Blessings always in all ways with all things good, In Love and Gratitude Me


What an amazing exercise! At first I was remembering photographs. That's not imagining 'being' so I was able to switch to being in a place. Is that imagining or being? Anyway it was an illuminating experience. I am 72 and have been feeling that the last 25 years have just slipped away with not nearly the momentous events of the first 25 years of adulthood.
In the last twenty five years.
-I have earned a university degree and begun a new career.
- The remaining three of the four children have married.
- All of the nine grandchildren have been born and one dear stepgrandaughter has come into our lives.
- Both of my parents have died and my husband's mother has followed his dad.
- I have found and become expert in the cognitive disabilities model which is central to my practice of occupational therapy. As part of this I have an international group of dear friends.
I have found the Unitarian Church and become a Unitarian.
.....on and on.
Thank you for giving me back the slipped away years.


I am having a difficult time thanking me for being me! I review my fascinating story, as mine is fascinating, and I feel awful about certain things that I have done, and have tried to forgive myself for doing,but I am not yet through the door. That is my next step. I have wanted to be transparent, but with difficulty to admit my past...it is dark. I went to the other side with lee Porter Butler. Lee gave me permission and I traveled there. I experienced it. There's nothing wrong with it ONLY JUDGEMENT, and I am still unfortunately hard on myself.

Lisa Starr

Ahhhh...judgement. A sense of being judged: lack of acknowledgment for my creative expression or bieng questioned about my actions.

Thank for seeing me and presenting a reflection that you are grateful for who I am.


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