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I was just directed to your sight and I love it.

Your thoughts are great and accepted as a truth we all should share.

Your art work is terrific!
Do you mind it being shared through comment cards left on web pages such as myspace?


this is my third trip around the Gratitude Circle...I remember writing to Stacey during the first one and telling stories of large and small Gratitude symbols everywhere I went...they have never left me...this is big...really BIG...Aloha... Frani


I do feel this energy in my life. I am being directed to extend, through the self, the seed of gratitude in the Light of balance and harmony of the Source.
In this focus of mind I commit to creation.


My only prayer is that during the 42 days many eyes may behold your,our blitz of gratitude and thus propel the wave of gratitude in our world.

Monica Davis

Gratitude for the powerful and
potent inspirational seeds being
birthed here!
They are exploding our beings
into joyous awakenings, grand
envisionings and soul-stirring
Ever-expanding heartfelt
appreciation for these excellent
seeds of wonder planted here!

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