As it seems to have become the case with each new day, yet again this one strikes right at the right moment the right chord and the right issue. As if the message was already contained in each day as I travel along it. As if each day was already filled with the messages I came to learn as I opened my eyes, just waiting for me to open my eyes to their beauty!
Thank You for this amazing timing, for these messages that carry me directly to the Oneness on a tangible level.
Thank You! THANK YOU!
May Light and Love shine in our darkest hours and come to wrap us in their eternal wisdom.
Thank You.


I love how you find the serendipitous meanings behind words...42 = Fortitude!

I is like looking at a painting and seeing the hidden pictures. Picasso said that they just happen...the artist does not intentionally place an object within the work for others to find. I think that the Universe/Creator/Oneness has a hand in this serendipity. It is a way to communicate with us on a higher level, beyond what is "seen" with the eyes. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery wrote, "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

Thank YOU for the in-sight of your heart!


Thank you for Fortitude; "constancy under difficulty". And for helping me to connect-up with more awareness what I couldn't 'see' before but recognise when you have put it in front of me in black and white so to speak. And deeply enriching colours.
In Gratitude.


I feel truly blessed by the prayer that was a part of the blog today!! Gratitude...

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