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After a night filled with hard dreams and thunder, I woke up to feel drained and tired. A hard feeling to wake up to when I am used to the contrary. As I sat here by the computer, writing out my tired state, the reminder of this marvelous blog brought me here to read this second message, this second way to connect.
A passionately red heart embraced me, helping me sit back into myself, into Love. Then words of simple Peace and Gratitude filled my mind as I absorbed the day's message.
Thank You for taking this time, Thank You for Being.
Thank You for these words of inner-wisdom and for this feeling of positive energy that instantly regained my Being, and instinctively flowed out into the world.
You are a blessing on this Earth, a wave-maker, a pawn of change.
Thank You!

Ian Porteous

My intension is to gracefully move forward through all my challenges and bless the water bodies that are around me. On the other side of challenges is peace and bliss. Thankyou for the courage of faith and trust.

Lisa Owen

As I sit here this morning tired from the waves of expansion of the night before I remember the love of all those traveling together on the collective. Coming together with one heart. The emotion surges over me. Oh! Thank You! Now the waters of intention helps the my flow of today,this moment. This is blessings of rippling waters of love.


Heart of Water...Thank-you for those wonderful words as it will help with my meditation's.Today i will focus on the healing affects of water.To listen to the water inside of me and let it ripple through my body of Love,Respect,Compassion.So much to be Gratiful for today,thanked the Creator this morning for a safe night of fasting,thanks to the sun,earth,wind,fire,all of the Creatures on this planet.Loving thoughts and prayers to my family and friends,prayers out to the unborn children,prayers out to the healing of the water,for clean air to stop rapping Mother Earth of her resources Time to put back what we have taken.Thankyou for the unconditional LOVE Mother we have so much to learn from you so much respect needs to be showen to you and as stewards of this Earth time to stand up for what's right and bring back the peace and harmony.Love and Blessings to all of you.JH

saren lightsong

the thing i am manifesting is the freeing of the iraqi prisoners held at guantanamo bay. do join me :-)


Yes,blessing saren lightsong,i hear your call and feel also the urgency too free up prisoners at Guantanamo Bay and too all those who are suffering.please hear our prayers for the saftey and well-being...To all !!!

ian porteous

After the first day, I had a significant connection with a school teacher, she needed some healing and quality time. I felt I played an important role in transmitting some great healing to a fellow human being. Thankyou Go Gratitude for the change you're facilitating. My request is to continue being of great service for our community, grant me the wisdaom to carry on and make a differance.



i am grateful for being together with YOU ... and YOU, and YOU ... all of us, here Now, able to receive and open for sharing. what a grande
gathering this is.

my intention: to create a world wide wave of Gratitude, re-connecting our water bodies to Love - one million hearts beating in unison, with grace compassion and ecstatic joy by July 25th, 2006.

Let's go big, Big, BIG!!!

oh - and i AM feeling a VW van with bio-diesel - she's fit fun and ready to roll. i give thanks it IS so, or even better!


I am envisioning a place where my many blessings, many gifts will be useful for others around the world. Where the variety of experiences I have had and the amount of knowledge I keep attempting to grow will allow me to teach and guide others with peaceful patience and love to find and follow their own true paths. I envision a place that I offer to others so they can settle their own souls. I have so much that I am Grateful for, but cannot see the truth of how it all fits together. I want to see that truth so I can put it to use the way it is intended to be used.

Elise Bulie

I only read day 2 of the world gratitude today. On the day of the 15th love and learning flowed from me. I was listening with intent to a colleague in so much pain. I felt so strong and engaged that watching her coming in and out of her experience was so clear to me. It was an overwhelming experience for me and possibly for her, that taught me the importance of listening followed by the finding of the words that would help her, but deep down knowing that she is the one who can only help herself. My intention is to flow with positive energy allowing the water that flows within and around me to create positive worldwide experiences. My work allows me to naturally be amongst young children with special needs and their family. The energy used during these hours is enormous but so wonderful. Not only do I give but I also receive. Water continuously flows so with that in mind so does the entire universe, with this movement continual change occurs.
With each day new learning is taking place which fills me with gratitude and love, My solar plexis is alive as my heart is pounding and my mind is awake. Thank you, Elise

Tracy McGowan

Matsura Emoto has beautiful pictures of water crystals-

He takes them after the water has been filled with intention by placing word on the containers-



Mother Teresa-

The water sample were frozen-

The crystals then photographed they formed beautiful snowflake patterns-


Toxic water-

Frozen-photographed-the crystals were misshapen, unformed, chaotic

The Heart projects an immense electromagnetic field to 5 feet outside the body-

Our heart field is a wave of organization as each organ entrains to its magnificent strength-

Our Brains emit the next strongest field-

If I am distraught and my heart wave is chaotic and a wonderful calm friend with strong heart comes within 5 feet of me-

My chaotic brain, without my heart rythym entrains to the calm coherent heart

We have a profound effect on one another-

I am glad to be part of a loving community-

Gratitude is the key-

I believe Joy is the answer-



. In gratitude I connect with water. Water in my body. Water and fluids. Fluid water. Three sons were nurtured in this body’s water. Water pumps through my body. Cleansing. Bringing up stuff. I am willing to go through this process. Sometimes I don’t know what to do then I realize that I do know just not on that wordy level. Love, love, love. I am sending love out on the breath. On my watery breath. Mist. The mist carries messages. Many messages. I am the darkness and I am the light Which do I choose to be? The light. I have been the darkness. Allowed others to choose for me. No choice is a choice. I choose to turn off. I choose to silently cry. The tears knew. They are still in the mists. Now it is time for a cleansing. Each droplet of water I now send out is filled with light. Bright and sparkling. Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel the power. I can feel the power of countless others doing this now. The clouds are filled with light. Light and love and gratitude.


Waves begin the moment I open Go mail. My body delightful responds wiht anticipated gracious excitement at what blessing I am about to receive.
On this day, I feel the waves with the story of water..and images flood my mind...making connections.....water, breathe...my voice...the microphone, my band, "dreamers rOK".

I have always had this a dream to sing, on stage...there are soo many people, over the hills, between the trees, under the big sky. A massive festival.

It is my intent to manifest through voice, harmonies with love and gratitiude, my dreams. As my dreams are based in open love.
I am an artist. A muralist. A singer, songwritet, musician, dancer, writer. I give thanks for my many gifts and accomplishments so far.
I have two mural commissions in the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg Ontario. A world class museum type gallery in Canada. They coined me "the only "living artist to have their work on permanent display".
I feel honored and so do they. I have made good friendships there at this place of joy.
I am also an art educator at the McMichael.

As for my longest standing dream, it is my intention to manifest my own vision of an arts academy...art, music, dance, healing....in the city setting..I am in an arts central area in Toronto. It is my intention to Be-gin here and NOW. To step forward and create a giant DOORWAY for me, my children and the world as it ripples out like the waves of the waters flowing through me, In Love...I share...the effects of my Joy, my god given talents and open arms and open doors to my schools, for all to caome learn, share, grow, create, speak, sing, dance, Be In Joy.

Even in cabin settings, with native medicines..I am old time Metis, I feel this.
Many thanks too for Blue Star. He gifted my life with a flute in the key of my heart. To heal me.
Academy of the arts..and healing.
This is my dream. I ask for support. In all manner. By holding my passions and therefore helping ignite this into manifestation here on earth.
May we celebrate together with a festival of Love and Gratitude, Arts and Music...
Thanks for listening. Glad I finally wrote you. I have been listening for years, helped me through some dibiliating times.

With deepest Grace and Gratitude. I let my dreams of love and creative joy..Go!

Dreamers rOK
aka Star Woman


The water is waves of cleansing and refreshing ones soul taking out the negative and bring in the postive. I have waves of gratitude for all the changes and transformation we all embark through our journey's.

Chef Jem

All grateful I Am
each day as I immerse my body
into a warm salt bath
and soon I say: Thank You Water!
I love You Water!
And I have already begun to include the waters within my body as well!
And from now on I will give more of my attention to the inner waters and even the inner-most waters of life that spring up from my very spirit!

BTW - I highly recommend a very warm salt bath using eight cups of white crystal solar salt (typically used for water softening). It's become a way of life for me! Just what the doctor ordered and you can prescribe it for yourself!


Beautiful message today, one which I internalize as I prepare to teach my moving meditation class tomorrow evening which happens to be in a ballet studio overlooking the ocean, beach and sky. I appreciate so much receiving this message .... and being given the gift to pass it on. Thanking you from my heart.

Jenny Brooke

Thankyou so much for being in my life - all of you who are joining this beautiful wave of Gratitude, and for reminding me - once more that Gratitude moves all to joy filled living.
I needed this reminder right now - at a time of transition,where one major aspect of my life is ending and the new is yet unborn.
I feel the waves of Gratitude washing away the sadness of ending, and bringing in the new.
I pray for the new to manifest clearly,the way I might serve,and for it to bring nourishmentand healing for others, and support and sustainence for me.
May all beings know Gratitude and resonate with the joy it brings.
Many Blessings, Jenny

Jill Karlin

Thank you for reconnecting through the waters of our being to bring me back to this community of gracious gratefulness, of beings on the path of purification. Not only are we purifying ourselves, simultaneously we are cleaning up our earth. I bake cookies. I pray for their healing effects for all those who taste them. I pray that I can be so pure and free from negativity as I bake these gluten-free and sugar-free delectable treats that those who eat them will also be imbued with these qualities of purity. I breathe deep. I see our family, our human familyin communion, working together to live harmoniously...not just with each other, but with the earth, and that all starts each one of us alone, as we allow the waters of our body to flow freely. We visualize the loving flowing water nourishing our cells, purifying our thoughts, erasing all negativity. Thank you Stacey.

[email protected]

Monique Drinkwater

My last name is Drinkwater, and i grew up in the desert, so i have always thought in a consciouss way towards water. I drink lots of water, from the creek near my home in the rainforest. Water is the element i most resonate with...my blessings are for the water of the world to always be clear, flowing, alive and bubbling.As above so below, i am so grateful for the visual diary of water in our lives, the ocean, the rivers, the creeks, the tap....but mostly i am grateful for the waters of my own being and that of all the human race....for we are but a drop in the ocean of one....love to all, love to the flow of love and trust and being.

In Gratitude..forever.


My intention during this time of World Gratitude is that Reiki Love flow through my clear vessel to others, those that desire this healing will fill my studio and bring abundance and prosperity with them.

Lisa Starr

A Whole new meaning on being a Water Carrier. Thank You!!


My intention for today is to learn how to create intentions which are not self-centred.

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