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bryan plymale

can't wait for more of the secret!

Cindy Walk

In the 10 minutes prior to reading today's message, I had 2 clear insights about something that I want to do and how I can accomplish it. It was triggered by another email message.

Then I read this message. Like every day, I read it saying, "Wow!" and marveling at the (k)new way of seeing a word or phrase. Some I have thought of before, some are (k)new.

But when I got to the end of today's message, I was surprised to see the link to the movie, The Secret. It is scheduled to be shown at our church next Thurs. But every time it was announced in the last few weeks, I thought it was going to be THIS week on Thurs. night......and for me it was!

At first I thought it was a trailer, but soon realized it was the whole movie. I alternated between laughing, clapping, yelling, "Yes!" and just plain having shivers all over me.

I'm about half way through reading one of Esther Hicks books, and was thinking that THIS is exactly what she is saying. A moment later, she popped up on the screen. And even though I've read a number of other books on this topic, Esther's makes it feel do-able. She also explained very clearly the answers to some questions I had in my mind about all this.

I called a friend 3 times in the first 30 minutes of the movie. She doesn't have a computer, so the third call was to say, "Get out here and watch this!" She's also the person who recommedned the Hicks book to me, and she's the person who the first 2 insights were about just before the movie. I had an idea of how I can help her business grow. Then during the movie, I had a very clear KNOWING of what I need to do next with my life. I'm unemployed right now, but now I know a diferent direction to go.

I sent this link to everyone I know. I hope they like it as much as I do. I'm on fire with enthusiasm. I have a lot to do tomorrow. Two plans are going into action, one for my friend's business and one for my (k)new endeavor. I'm so excited!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Love & blessings, Cindy


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Dawn Ford

See the current
The current of the sea.
Waves of love,
Of prosperity.

Thank you dear body of water
the current-sea
For all I am
And all I see.

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