Thankyou so much each and every day I learn something new and it is a refreshing moment for sure. The eyes are the window to our souls that is a fur sure and have always believed it. Yes with age does come wisdom, the kind of wisdom to passon, thanks. Jackie

Jill Karlin

This is the most exciting, thrilling journey. We spend our entire life through eternity with ourselves and God, so it is uniquely delicious to go with Gratitude. The information on this site sets light bulbs off in my head, consistently and keeps me coming back for more... Perhaps among the only sites on line that do that for me. Perhaps readers of your blog will direct me to others Thank you

s'ace - cees de groot

since 1985 from the memory lane ignited to brightness i work the hunab'ku . it might be interesting for people to orient out of the cubic 7 formula which is reference offered to us by many religions as "a fact for orienting as humans".

The half of 7 is a box: 4 ... and the half of nine is still a powerfull number : 5 ...

Signalling to shift to a week of 9 days ... all together.

Doug Wilson

I'm here because someone gave me this link - they'd read something about gratitude at my site. Why don't you (author) put this on my forum at http://www.dgswilson.com/index.php

I have an events of interest board. I also have an authors area. Anyway you do it, it will allow more people to find you.

Paula Zima

I love this one especially,
Here is a quote from the Abraham/Hicks for today:

When you are in vibrational harmony, your body produces whatever it needs to remain in perfect balance.

--- Abraham

Why? because it's all one

Love you and thank you!

Air Jordan

The flowers anew, returning seasons bring! But beauty faded has no second spring. Do you agree?

arizona dui lawyer

It's a matter of balancing life. It's a good way of living my friend.

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