Thank you so much for the Go Gratitude, every day I feel the energy flowing and connecting me all over with the Earth and the Sun and the whole Universe. I am feeling blissful in all areas of my life. Even I am laid off I still feel peace and perfection observing all what is happening within me and around me.


The things that I need are coming to me as a miracle, all the teachers that I called are with me through this process of transformation. LOVE AND GRATITUDE TO ALL!
Thanks, Jela

Lisa Starr

One of those moment when I (k)new I was "powerful beyond measure, and all the heavens were present to deliver earthly treasures" was a few years after my divorce.

At first, my divorce sent me into a place of fear of not being taken care of. I pursued my endevours and career from a place that now I had to make money in order to survive and I would have to do it alone.

I journeyed, quested,prayed for peace of heart and mind. For trust in Spirit to carry me on her wings. I came to know Beauty within myself and to trust and have faith that our Sacred Parents, Earth and Sky, are all-ways here to take care of us.

Five years into the divorce the economy shifted as did my resources. The Beauty was that I found myself at peace knowing I/we are held beyond any measure.

Why else would we all be here at this time?

This was one of those moments.

Kaariina Natalie Saarinen M.Ed.Coun.

My moment, dear Grateful Ones, of cosmos union and knowing power beyond from beyond, is when I see my chromosomes lining up and hear my inner voice commanding corrections, repairs and replacements, then guiding them to be re integrated back into a healthier strand of DNA! And this I know for truth, that in these ways and more, leukocytes are healthy and lymphoma signatures are GONE!

In the stillness of this confidence. mmmmm

Annette Rohde

THANK YOU for this wonder-ful remembering of gratitude every day!!! It gives me a lot of happiness and support to change my mind to see the development in the world and events in my life from a different view - the view of gratitude. I loose this view still often during the day and am very happy to be remembered by the mails - wonderful pictures and poesy.
Thanks again and again and again ...............

healthcare consulting

This reminds us on how we should be aware.

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