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Steven Brown

Without a doubt, my favorite gratitude song is James Taylor's "The Secret of Life." It came out at a time in my life when I needed to know this secret and every time I hear the phrase, "the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time," I'm reminded to slow down, pay attention, and be grateful for whatever is going on in my life.

Kara Johnstad

I wrote a beautiful song for my last album which are entitled thank you...during this whole "go gratitude" time I have offered the track as a free download at www.myspace.com/karajohnstad and for new fans at www.reverbnation.com/karajohnstad.

You can also listen to the two different versions of Thank You - Paths X Album at www.itunes.com/karajohnstad.

Thank you, everyone, for being - I am honored to be part of this creative and inspiring community.

Kara Johnstad
Producer and Host of


My heart is filled with gratitude for Brenda MacIntyre/Medicine Song Woman. I met her through our forum here at World Gratitude. Her music sends pulses of positive energy up my spine every time I listen to one of her chants. I am so glad that there are so many people around like Brenda who are connecting with spirit and gratitude and sending positive vibes out through their music. Thank you Medicine Song Woman!

anita winter

For me a beautiful peace of joyful music is the attitude of graditute Zapz I already talked about on this blog.
Get it free here http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=860372

love anita.


Beautiful Art from Shawn! Really dig his style.
Really enjoyed Kara Johnstad's song too!

I feel the most gratitude for a song composed through me called 10 Stars. I released it to the world on SONG, available for free @ www.reverbnation.com/JMK

Much Love and Gratitude!



Jeanne L. Thompson

Greetings All!
On this day before the 11:11 gateway and the completion of this cycle of the world gratitude gathering, I am expressing my heartfelt Love and Gratitude to The Team and to
each and every participant on this journey with a song I wrote inspired by You!!!!

Gratitude is The Master Key

I am Great-full
I am Great-full
I am
I am Great-full
I am Great-full
I am

Gratitude is the Master Key
The beam that lights the world for thee
It’s sacred spiral circles round
It even has a sacred sound
It resonates on Mother earth
It speaks of lov-E and our re-Birth

I am Great-full
I am Great-full
I am
I am Great-full
I am great-full
I am

We sing the song of Gratitude
For the way of waR is really rude
We must give thanks each day
Each waking hour
For the breath of life is our daily flower
It melts the hearts of those who seek
To take our power and will us meek

I am great-full
I am great-full
I am
I am great-full
I am great-full
I am

But the light of lov-E is stronger still
It fans our flames of strength and will
Its beacon shines into the night
It gifts our souls with inner light
It gives us Joy and brings us Sun
When around the world we meet as One

I am Great-full
I am Great-full
I am
I am Great-full
I am Great-full
Eye am

© Oct 2008
Jeanne L. Thompson


my favorite musical group is a new band with a new sound, deep meaning and great music
give a listen and if you live in the new york area go see them... dates on the site for upcoming shows... they will be on tour so look for them near you if you dont live in ny...
go gratitude... thank you for the reminders, nudges and amazing transforming work.


Almost anything on Michael Franti's newest album "All Rebel Rockers", but 'Hey World', "I got love for you" and 'Nobody Right, Nobody Wrong' in particular.

monica hope

Thank you all for participating in this beautiful gathering of gratitude!

I recently wrote a song inspired in a moment of deep gratitude for all of the beautiful people in my life. I wanted to give them something back. It's called "Inside Out". You can hear it on my myspace page:


sara thompson

the illumination band is the greatest music they have great music they took Rumis' poems and put them to music check them out Sara thompson


when i click 'download mp3' all I get is a "page not found". is there another link? i would love to listen to the song. :)

Ground Crew response ~ ** Thank you, Tien! We've fixed the download/listen link, and Go Gratitude is ready to play for you! **

Lisa Starr

Inspiring. I am grateful for the witnessing an enlightened activist in action.


I listen to Steven Halperns Chakra Suite to put me in a state of gratitude! thank-you for all the IN-spiration!

Doris Goodill

Check out Karen Drucker at KarenDrucker.com
Her music is full of gratitude. She has a chant called I Am So Blessed.


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Karen Sawdey

Love getting gratitude reminders each day. I will say, this morning, that a song that has always popped gratitude to the forefront is "Higher Love" by Stevie Winwood. It'a a song to dance to, to make you feel good!

Judy in Devon

The music / chants of Deva Premal and Miten overflow with gratitude and more.

Will Bradley

How cosmic to find Shawn Gallaway as his "I Choose Love", is my choice for the best expresion of Gratitude, ala "Muse-I-Call-Ye live and Love, in Gratitude".

Last year I survived a near-death experience where I truly believe I chose Love (which i have not departed whence returning). Shawn's music, especially "I Choose Love", have been an intimate part of my recovery. My Gratitude is as deep as I can express, thank you Shawn and Go Gratitude, I love you both, Bless You and our readers!

I met Shawn in April 2009 in Ashland Oregon at The Gathering with many fine inspirational and accomplished musicians and speakers. Shawn stood out to me, I loved his music and his video. He was so nice in person that I gladly bought his album. I am grateful beyound words,... a rarity for me.

gratitude is a cosmic force,... In Joy


I love the devotional music that Fantuzzi sings. I recently saw him play at The Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Cruz, California. He had us all sing along with him, and we all got really blissed out, especially when we sang Om Namah Shivaya and Universal Lover. I high recommend his music, which can be found at http://fantuzzimusic.com/

I also love Bongo Love's music as well. I saw them perform 3 time here last summer. They are 3 young guys from Zimbabwe, and there music is really fantastic! Check them out at http://bongolove.com/

Nicole Holland

Shinedown is an alternative rock group that came to me a year ago this past July, at a time when Id fallen spiritually bankrupt. To say that each and every one of their songs spoke VERY strongly to me is an understatement. The Sound of Maddness is one of their songs that Id listened to MANY times and then one day, while I waited for my bus it came on my Ipod and as they sang the words I knew by heart I literally laughed outloud and laughed hard, as tears fell down my cheeks--The Gratitude that I feel for this song can NOT EVER be expressed in meer human words. The song, the way I hear it is a song that my two inner and conflicting selves would speak/argue about--One side telling the other side to MAN UP! Thank You Shinedown for your music and the aid it has given me. You all may NEVER have any idea of the impact your music has had in my life, but I do know that my enormous Gratitude will reach you in some form.


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Hi, I congratulate you on Merry Christmas!

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