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This process is powerful!! I did not get the post until 1.28 a.m here in the UK (on 26 July) but the wave reached me earlier today. I spent an hour paddling in and blessing and thanking a stream near to my house - acting on an impulse, I set out to be in the water and to honour her spirit.

Please let us continue to be this wave of Gratitude: this "movement" has become very precious to me.



I am so gratefully and honored to be part of gratitude wave, for the very important moment which the word is facing, I feel better when I know that people like me, from different countries are sending love, peace and gratitude to the negativity and in return I am receiving light.

Thank you for this fantastic experience. Especially the blessing of our water, that brought to me a strong connection with the mother earth

With love and gratitude



The wave at sunset was powerful!!!
Thank you all who participated! I live by the ocean and felt the wave of gratide wash over me just before sunset as I sang "Ma'shaleliel" and watched the sun set on the water. It (the "wave") touched me deeply.

(Consider yourself hugged!)

Cleusa tavares

This page is great and thank you for haven't it here, connecting the world. ONE LOVE


Wouuuw !!!I love this wave of Love & Gratitude !!!
Too much Love !!!
Too much Love !!!
Too much Love !!!
I love this info...about the magnetic fields and the heartbeat's !!!
Too much !!!
Divine !!!
Thank you !!!


Thank you for the wonderful experience. I have been going through a rough patch and working with Gratitude helped me get through. The positive change in me was noticed by oher people and showed me that gratitude works.
Love, light and blessings


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