Robin B

This is one of the most beautiful pages I have ever read! What could be more exquisite than words of love showered upon us? To use language to create love is the power we have
.......and listen to it...every word a balm, a droplet of joy.
I am grateful for language that allows us to create in this way. To hear your voices one after another, adding to the chorus, like angels whispering the sweetest melodies.
keep on keep on.
I am listening.
Thankyou for the word thankyou.
It is one of the best.
Beautiful world we are, we are, beautiful word we are.

Love all ways


THank you for the inspiration and peace I have felt during this time. God BLess you all.. With love and joy,

Debra Silver

I have found my life and heart expanding ever since the first round... in ever growing waves of joy, creativity, goodwill, blessings and love... In this last cycle, I find myself doing mitzvahs daily... whether offering a room to a traveler, asking for directions to a distant hostel at 10 in the evening or helping a friend pack her "pillows for peace" booth at a fundraising bazaar since she was alone with a load... or today... collecting my nephews and taking them and my youngest to their grandmother for the afternoon and filming her as she taught them (and me) how to authentically make one of the main ingredients in her traditional Yemenite cuisine... The joy on her face was wonderful to behold... and one of those moments when you know you did good... for real! Thanks for all the inspiration!

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I also remember tweeting Joe Rainsberger that he wants to "recognize his peers". Not sure what exactly that was about, but it certainly added to the impression that the goal of the award is not well thought through, kept alive and communicated.


Just wanted to say thank you. I am Gratitude! I am Marsha!

Kathy Ozzard Chism


LOVE you all... Kathy


Thank you Stacey. This final and 9th Wave of World Gratitude was my first. I have certainly been changed by allowing gratitude into to my life. I have written a blog each day of the 42 days on the World Gratitude Gathering forum, http://worldgratitude.com/gforum/index.php, in my blog, Heart Speak. I have grown so much and my life has certainly changed dramatically.
Always with gratitude,


It's me, just one of us.
Gratitude, thank you for reminding me to be greatfull every day. My first cycle has come to an end, my life is at a new beginning.
Words hardly describe the feelings I've experienced along the yourney - thank you all for being alone together - vibrating away. Anyone passing through Brighton UK, come and get a hug.


enid vermaak

Thank you in (w)onderment and oneness - I have received confirmation from so many of the laying of the foundation for change with Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Grace. Africa will lead the way - two vortices have been opened - the rest of the world follows. Is there a way to access the photos for each day - day now is worth framing and putting on the wall - it says it all. Many thanks to all the team and indeed to the artists. Thank you for sharing a way in which we may all stand together to witness the creation of a new world - and indeed for the honour of being with EVERYONE


It is impossible to say enough good about ALL of you, and the infinite SeasOfLight that we ARE.
I just can't say enough good about us
Thank You ( :
I Love You : )
( : THANK YOU : )

Judy  H.Wright aka Auntie Artichoke

Hello from beautiful Montana,
I am grateful that there are people like you to guide and support us as we walk our life's journey.
I am also grateful for those caring adults who are modeling and teaching the children in their circle to have love and respect for all.
Thank you for all you do.
Judy Helm Wright

Carolyn Wegner

I have loved and looked forward every day to the expanded awareness of Love and Gratitude. I am grateful for the opportunity to integrate Love and Gratitude into my living more consciously. It's all about waking up for me and instant-by-instant self-surrender.

Syl Javet

Each now grows new strength and insight as my focus centers on what IS present. I feel the latern of gratitude holding my light. I am filled with admiration, appreciation and love.


Thank you for creating this opportunity to participate in this global wave of gratitude. The daily messages were a perfect way to start the day and embrace the abundance and love in my life.

Theresa Orchard

Thank you so much for a truly inspiring programme! I have felt my heart expand daily & ALL the wonders around me are brighter & clearer EVERY DAY. I have to agree with Patricia when she said "Something has been re-awakened and is staying awake now".
Before I sign off I would like to share this prayer with ALL.
Apache Prayer
May the sun bring you new energy by day
May the Moon softly restore you by night
May the rain wash away your worries
May the breeze bring new strength to your being
May you walk gently through the world & know it’s beauty ALL the days of your life.
Love and light to you all!
Theresa :)

Account Deleted

Thank You So Much Stacey & Team From the Height, Depth, Width & Breadth of Our One Heart for the Lovely Manna of GreatFull 42 Days & Eternal Day NOW! Our One Heart is Spinning "Great Go Full Gratitude" Spiraling Lovely Spheres in Rainbow Colors Everywhere!!
Gratitude is the Grand Attitude of Our One Heart's Great Altitude!!!

My Ever-Living Wholeness & Eternal Perfection is Fully Manifest in Everyone Everywhere Forevermore.

0 is symbolic of Wholeness & Perfection. 9 is Symbolic of Its Full Manifestation in Everyone Everywhere Forevermore.

Go Gratitude Symbol so Eloquently Expresses this Mantram of GreatFull-Ness of Boundless Love, the Godhead Exploding from Our One Heart to Embrace All That Is!

Thank You once again Beloved Stacey & Team for Revealing the GreatFull-Ness of Our One Heart!

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